Monday, August 15, 2011


Well, i guess this is my second attempt at a blog, the first one was ok, i just got bored (or boring) after a while! :P. So i guess i can give it another try because i feel like writing alot and i always have something to say.

I think a proper beginning would be a small introduction, i don't want to give to much away about myself, cause then why would you read my blog?! haha. You can find my name to the left of this page, Aaron Crispin, i like my last name better.

I enjoy sports, i play basketball, but love watching the Eagles and the Phillies, and get very excited over both of them. I play on my high school basketball team, some people say i'm good, i'm ok, i can shoot the ball, that's about it. Fortunately though, i also play guitar, so i have a fall back, haha. I've been playing for around 5 years, i'm probly a better acoustic guitarist than electric, but i play both. To go with my guitar ability, i also write songs for a band that jams together from time to time. We're called TheFynline (fine line) yeah we wanna change the name. If you're really interested you can go to our youtube page ( to hear a few songs that we put together. The recordings are bad, so worry about the lyrics, they're true haha.

Friends are important to me. I have some close ones, you'll most likely find out about them later on if i feel like posting about them. All you need to know is that, i'm not always the best friend but they are the greatest friends to have. We joke around a lot and most people would say we are not normal ( yes we do walk around with a camera and record ourselves, and NO we are all mentally healthy and we MAKE our voice sound like that.

There's a lot more about me that some might find interesting but it really all pales in comparison to my true identity which is my life in my Savior Jesus Christ. You see the truth about me, is that im an angry sinner, who deserves nothing good and no hope in eternity. On my own i have no care for others, just myself. There's a verse on the side of this page that speaks some amazing truth, i'd suggest reading it. However, i'll sum it up. But God, who is rich in mercy, loved me while i hated him; i was dead. He however made me alive in His son who died a terrible death on the cross to pay for my sin, which is great. Because of that i now have life in Christ and can enter joyfully into heaven and fall at the feet of my savior and He can lovingly say to me "Well done good and faithful servant" when all along its Jesus Christ living in me. For that i am eternally grateful. Praise His Name!

That's about all for now..